Program Expenses

The Graduate School lists primary expenses such as tuition and fees, as well as possible funding sources in its Costs and Funding section.

Program Expenses, excluding tuition and fees

 Extra Program Expenses   Cost   Description 
 Criminal background check   $48   Procedures on Application Process page 
 Textbooks (2.5 years)   $1,000 approx.   
 Travel to/from clinical site (gas money)   $100 per semester   Cost may vary depending on location of clinical site 
 Liability insurance (2 calendar years)   $29   
 Clinical course fees ($15 per semester)   $60   
 CPR training (2 calendar years)   $65   
 Atrack (2 calendar years)   $90   Clinical database (logging hours & preceptor evaluation) 
 Total   $1,392-$1,402   


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