Program of Study

Athletic training graduate students in Fall 2021 class

The MAT Program has been developed to create leaders in the field who are ready for clinical practice in the five domains of athletic training.

Admitted students are offered the opportunity to interact with high-quality teachers, researchers and clinicians throughout the coursework and clinical education rotations. The degree plan also includes a scholarly research experience that allows a student to complete either 3 hours of an independent study or 6 hours toward a thesis.

The Master of Athletic Training program is a full-time, cohort-based program. All students begin matriculation into graduate courses during the summer session and continuously complete courses in every academic session (Summer, Fall and Spring) for 24 months.

Course Sequence

The following is the suggested course sequence. All ATTR and EXSC classes must be taken in the following sequence. KINS and ESRM courses related to the research component may be taken at varying times in the program. For more information on each course, please refer to Course Descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.

Summer I — 15 Hours

ATTR 5313 Clinical Anatomy for Athletic Trainers (10 weeks) 3 credit hours
ATTR 5493 Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training 3
EXSC 5593 Practicum in Laboratory Instrumentation 3
ATTR 5213 AT Clinical I — Application of Athletic Preventive Devices 3
ATTR 5223 AT Clinical II — Emergency Procedures 3

Fall I — 12 Hours

ATTR 5232 AT Clinical III — Lower Extremity Evaluation Lab 2 credit hours
ATTR 5373 Evaluation Techniques of Athletic Injuries — Lower Extremity


ATTR 5453 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training


EXSC 5323 Biomechanics 3
KINS 589V * Independent Research 1

Spring I — 12 Hours

ATTR 5242 AT Clinical IV — Evaluation of Upper Extremity Lab 2 credit hours
ATTR 5363 Evaluation Techniques of Athletic Injuries — Upper Extremity 3
ATTR 5403 Pathophysiology and Treatment 1 3
ATTR 5473 Administration in Athletic Training 3
KINS 589V * Independent Research 1

Summer II — 3 Hours

ATTR 5253 Professionalism in Athletic Training 3 credit hours

Fall II — 12-15 Hours

ATTR 5262 AT Clinical V — Rehabilitation Lab 2 credit hours
ATTR 5413 Pathophysiology and Treatment II 3
ATTR 5463 Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries 3
ESRM 5393 or 6403 § Statistics in Education and Health Professions or Education Statistics and Data Processing 3
KINS 589V * or 600V * Independent Research or Master's Thesis 1-3

Spring II — 5-8 Hours

ATTR 5272 AT Clinical VI — Athletic Training Seminar 2 credit hours
EXSC 5643 Advanced Psychology of Sports Injury and Rehabilitation 3
KINS 600V * Master's Thesis 3


  • 59 hours for student completing the independent research route
  • 62 hours for student completing the thesis route

Sequence Notes

  • * Required Research Component: Independent Research (3 hours total) or Thesis (6 hours total)
  • § Two courses are eligible to meet the required statistics course for the program

The Athletic Training Program requires 59-62 credit semester hours of graduate work and either research experience or thesis. A graduate grade-point average of 3.00 or better is required for graduation. The Graduate Catalog's Athletic Training section has information on matriculation and retention policies.

MAT Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF)