Admission Criteria

Admission into the Master of Athletic Training Program is a competitive process where up to 22 students are selected to enroll in courses. All students are assessed holistically, and we use the following required information to make a decision on a student’s readiness for graduate education in a health care profession.

Application Requirements

Students must be accepted into the University of Arkansas Graduate School. Requirements for this include:

  • An overall 3.00 undergraduate grade point average on the last 60.0 credit hours of attempted coursework
  • GRE score – no specific minimum scores required
  • The Athletic Training Program Application Process has additional application and admission requirements specific to the program

Prerequisite Courses

The courses listed below are offered at the University of Arkansas and meet the prerequisite course requirements for the MAT Program.
Course Title Credit-hours
NUTR 1213 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
EXSC 3153 Exercise Physiology 3
BIOL 1543
and BIOL 1541L
Principles of Biology (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 1014 Lecture)
and Principles of Biology Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 1014 Lab)
BIOL 2213
and BIOL 2211L
Human Physiology (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 2414 Lecture)
and Human Physiology Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 2414 Lab)
BIOL 2443
and BIOL 2441L
Human Anatomy (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 2404 Lecture)
and Human Anatomy Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 2404 Lab)
CHEM 1103
and CHEM 1101L


CHEM 1203
and CHEM 1201L
University Chemistry I (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1414 Lecture)
and University Chemistry I Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1414 Lab)


Chemistry for Majors I
and Chemistry for Majors I Laboratory
PHYS 2013
and PHYS 2011L
College Physics I (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2014 Lecture)
and College Physics I Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2014 Lab)
PSYC 2003 General Psychology (ACTS Equivalency = PSYC 1103) 3

If the above courses were obtained at a college or university other than the University of Arkansas, syllabi/outlines for comparable courses are requested to be submitted via the program application. If you have any questions about prerequisites, please reach out to Program Director Luzita Vela, Ph.D., to discuss them.

Application Process

Application deadlines are each Oct. 15 for earlier admission and Jan. 8 for regular admission.  However, the MAT also utilizes a rolling admission criterion, so, a qualified applicant can be accepted prior to the deadlines.

Application Deadlines Oct. 15 — early admission — and Jan. 8  —regular admission

Early Acceptance: Students interested in early admission/acceptance must have all application materials submitted between Aug. 15 and Oct. 15.

The Athletic Training Program Application Process will have additional application and admission requirements specific to the program.