Expenses and Scholarships

Program Expenses

The Graduate School has a handy Tuition and Living Costs page that includes worksheets and online calculators. This page also includes tuition estimates based on residence status and an estimated living costs for the Fayetteville area.

The following are fees paid by students prior to commencing and within the course of the program.

Extra Program Expenses Cost
Criminal background check $49.25
Drug screen $54
Mumps, measles, rubella immunization Cost variable, required
Hepatitis B immunization — series of 3 shots Cost variable, required
Textbooks (2.5 years) ~$1,000
Travel to/from clinical site (gas money) Variable based on clinical sites
Liability insurance (2 calendar years) $29, via course fee
CPR training (2 calendar years) $65
BOC exam $365-$390


The following fees are paid for by the M.A.T. Program and Athletics and provided to each student.
Program Cost
Typhon clinical software (2 calendar years) $100
Program clothing including shirts, polos, jackets, shoes ~$750
Practice BOC Examination $35
Continuing Education Money (AATA and Razorback Conference Attendance) Variable

Do expenses have you concerned? Scholarships are available.